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I really fucking hate my life sometimes…

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Opression is:

  • LGBTQ people being beaten and killed on the streets of Russia and being banned from campaigning for gay rights.
  • Children being shot in Pakistan for demanding an education.
  • Arranged marriages & women being bought and sold like cattle.

Oppression is not:

  • Girls having to wear knee length skirts to school and dress according to a dress code.

All of these huge social justice issues and there’s people on here whining about having to wear a fucking school uniform its pathetic.

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In Loving Memory of all those who died in Second Impact, 14 years ago.

(And in other news, Happy (belated?) Birthday Kaworu!!!)

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さて、果たして。 エヴァは、何処に向かうのか。 #noks #alternative #art  #vibes #life #style  #irony #message #brain  #evangelion #エヴァ


#noks #alternative #art
#vibes #life #style
#irony #message #brain
#evangelion #エヴァ

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:/ How did I know you would do this Anno?

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Here we go…

We might get a new trailer for Eva Final today- emphasis on might. Anno’s been known to troll us in the past, so lets see what happens. 

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‘For I was hungry, and you liked a photo of me on Facebook; I was thirsty, and you felt sorry for me; I was a stranger, and you feared me; naked, and you looked away; I was sick, and you tweeted about me; I was in prison, and you shared an article about me.’

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Hair and headdresses from ancient Egypt

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Modernized Ancient Egyptian Art 

This is awesome…

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Will I see you give more than I can take?
Will I only harvest some?
As the days fly past will we lose our grasp
Or fuse it in the sun?